Team is like a band

Alexander Kefalas

M.A. HSG – Bandleader

Alexander Kefalas has been Managing Director of Kefalas Facility Management GmbH since October 2014. In addition to day-to-day operations, in which he actively participates in all areas, he also takes care of all administrative matters.

Basil Sieber

Administration/Organisation - Drummer

Basil Sieber has been working with us in the company since May 2015. After being part of the maintenance team for 5 years, Basil has been working in the administration/organisation of the daily business since this spring. As the holder of a specialist licence for swimming pool water disinfection, he is jointly responsible for the maintenance of the indoor swimming pools we look after.

Bruno Brändle

Technical Caretaker - Bassist

Bruno Brändle is the technical caretaker and our man for all cases. As a former therapist, he takes care of the physical well-being of the properties.

Gianpaolo Nonini & Paolo Luciani

Team leader - Front men

Our two team leaders for the maintenance work in the properties. In addition to garden maintenance and snow removal, they take care of all kinds of maintenance work and special cleaning with the rest of the team. Paolo has been with us since August 2018 and Gianpaolo since October 2018.

Nicola Scibilia

Technical caretaker - Guitarist

Nicola has joined in our team in January 2023 and is responsible, among other things, for the daily care and maintenance of residential buildings, grounds and building services.

Diana Zosso

Accounting / Organisation - Singer

Diana is the newest addition to the Kefalas Facility Management team.  She works in administration, accounting and organisation of the day-to-day business.


Kefalas Facility Management sees itself as a facility service company that wants to inspire its customers from A to Z with top services. Our well-positioned team is there for you every day: personal, committed, flexible.

From left: Davide Della Morte, Gianpaolo Nonini, Fabio Luciani, Basil Sieber, Bruno Brändle, Reinis Palkavnieks, Elia Mansini, Paolo Luciani, Selim Veselaj, Alexander Kefalas | Missing: George Kefalas, Forni Villiam, Ledesma Ezequiel, Nicola Agustoni, Patrick Michael, Göpfert, Nicola Scibilia


Facility management services are our lifeblood. We tackle every job - whether small or large - with verve and do not rest until you are one hundred percent satisfied.

From left: Claudia Kefalas, Gigliola Pellegatta, Fabiola de Boni, Laura Insinga, Marianna Filiberti, Mariacristina Bono, Giulia Rigamonti, Anna Sagaria, Stefania Versuraro, Cristina Rizzi | Missing: Monia Capelli, Anna Bagnato, Carolina Trezzi, Diana Zosso

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