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When you entrust the cleaning of your home or commercial space to Kefalas Facility Management, you can count on an experienced, professional team that is able to anticipate and meet all your needs. We offer a discrete, reliable, comprehensive range of bespoke services for the cleaning and maintenance of your buildings, flats and offices. Our core cleaning services are the following:

Maintenance cleaning including bed linen 
When it comes to cleaning your home, you can rely on professionals: Our competent and experienced staff clean stairs, ramps, landings, entrance doors, cellars, laundry rooms, windows, window sills and balconies—in short, all communal areas.

Final cleaning of flats
Flat handovers including handover guarantee

Final cleaning of buildings
Turnkey handover of your property after completion of the construction work

Cleaning of windows and blinds
Cleaning methods include conventional, pure water and micro-steam.

  • Maintenance cleaning including bed linen
  • Final cleaning of flats
  • Final cleaning of buildings
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of blinds